Transforming Patient Engagement: A Swift and Strategic CRM Overhaul in Healthcare

Key results

Uncover how Operatus pioneered CRM and EMR integration for telemedicine, streamlining operations and boosting patient engagement. This strategic implementation not only optimized clinician efficiency but also revolutionized customer service, setting a new standard in digital healthcare.

  • Key Pains:  Inefficient Scheduling, Manual Billing Processes, Slow EMR Performance, Fragmented Patient Communications, Inadequate Referral Tracking, Disjointed Customer Experience Management
  • Product Mix: AI Models, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Einstein, Salesforce Service Cloud
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  • K Health provides a virtual visits direct to patients or via health system partners
  • Salesforce Health Cloud as a unified EMR and care delivery platform to connect patients with Urgent Care, Primary Care, Clinical Operations, NPs and APPs across various payers


  • Comprehensive Product Management and Salesforce Expertise: Embedded within K Health teams, served as a Senior Product Manager, Salesforce Solution Architect, and Salesforce Administrator to streamline operations and leverage Salesforce capabilities.
  • Streamlined Appointment Scheduling: Leveraged Salesforce to optimize patient appointment scheduling, automate reminders, and monitor cancellations and no-shows, enhancing patient engagement and operational efficiency.
  • Referral Management Integration: Established a comprehensive system to track and manage referrals from doctors and facilities, including an efficient follow-up process, to improve patient referrals and care continuity.
  • Manage Patient Communication: Implemented targeted communication strategies using personalized emails, texts, and messages to improve patient interactions for appointment reminders, follow-ups, and educational content.
  • Targeted Campaign Implementation: Designed and executed marketing campaigns focused on patient re-engagement, education, and introducing new services, driving patient involvement and awareness.
  • Utilization and Performance Insights: Analyzed and reported on key metrics such as utilization rates, revenue, patient visits, and top referring physicians to inform strategy and operational improvements.
  • EMR Integration for Unified Patient Records: Achieved seamless integration between Salesforce and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems like EPIC and CERNER through bi-directional APIs, ensuring real-time data exchange and a cohesive patient experience.


  • Clinician Support and Efficiency: Achieved cost savings by optimizing EMR page load times by 30%, introduced color-coded timers for visits as proactive reminders, and enhanced care standards by sorting diagnosis codes based on frequency of use for each case type, resulting in a higher agreement rate among clinicians.
  • Customer Experience Improvements: Consolidated agent knowledge to enhance support capabilities, enabling more accurate and timely customer assistance. Implemented an automated case SLA escalation process to ensure critical customer issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.
  • Enhanced Membership and Billing Integration: Integrated member subscription data into the CRM to streamline billing processes and improve subscription management.