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Finding the right person who can lead and execute the strategy is extremely rare.
Buying the right tools is easy --getting them set up with best practices is not.
"RevOps experts" are often just Salesforce Admins in disguise.

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They were able to quickly understand the way our business operates and use this knowledge to adapt the CRM to our needs, leading to an efficient and timely roll out. I stepped into a Salesforce Admin role at the same time Operatus began our roll out. Chris and his team were very supportive of this and the mix of well documented CRM updates and guidance on my own changes were a great help to my own personal development.
Adam Jacobi
Sales Operations Director at Exclaimer
As we continued to grow, the lack of Rev Ops on our team was a blocker. With Operatus we were able to tackle several improvement projects that would have been difficult to manage otherwise. For the past 18 months, Operatus has been an extension of our team - and working with them on a fractional basis was just what we needed.
Samantha Schneider
COO at Bloomfire
Operatus provided nimble and highly efficient professional services after a seamless and transparent agreement negotiation. They were brought on to facilitate systematic changes and improvements during a period of growth and operational change; in doing so, the team was flexible, professional, thoughtful, and impressive in their ability to translate business needs from key stakeholders into actionable strategy and turnkey project plans.
Kathryn Shepard
Director of Rev Ops at LinkSquares
Operatus has been an extension of the Lively team the past year, centrally supporting our customer-facing teams. We had some previous Salesforce consultants, but they didn't provide the full-scale RevOps function in the way Operatus has. They have helped us improve processes, increase efficiency, and add new capabilities as we scale the number of customers we sell and serve - and prove the day to day support that we need. We likely would have a hard time finding Operatus's combination of experience and technical capability in a single hire.
Andrew MacDonald
Head of Product at Lively

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Operatus team member
Chris Fezza

Chris has been working on the Salesforce platform for 10+ years and has led Sales Ops teams in organizations of 150-3,000 employees. Chris has experience supporting sales (new business and renewals), account management, marketing, service, and executive teams.

As a Sales Operations professional, Chris has developed sales processes for lead and pipeline management and end-to-end conversion tracking, solutions to better serve and retain customers, and generated metrics and models requested by venture capital and private equity investors.

Operatus team member
Ty Francis

Ty has 7+ years of experience in Sales Operations and Salesforce Admin roles, and has supported everything from multinational Salesforce instances to brand new, out of the box setups. In the course of his career, he’s trained multiple colleagues in the basics of Salesforce, and they’ve gone on to become certified Salesforce admins.

Ty relishes the challenge of defining sales processes, training end-users in best practices, and using his acumen to find and eliminate sales issues. He utilizes a combination of clever Salesforce configuration, insightful reports and dashboards and project management to help businesses reach their revenue goals.

Operatus team member
Chris Stabile

Chris is a Revenue Operations professional with a focus on both strategic development and implementation of sales ops tools to increase adoption and effectiveness across an entire organization.

Operatus team member
Kelli Gatlin

Kelli is an experienced Sales & Marketing operations executive with over 15 years leading & aligning cross functional teams while delivering improvement through measured KPI’s that enable actionable strategic deliverables.

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  • Get complete revenue clarity
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Our team will help you...
  • Eliminate gaps in CRM visibility
  • Get every part of your tech stack talking to each other
  • Build fluid, rep-friendly processes
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