Harness the Power of Chili Piper: 5 Key Differences Compared to Calendly

January 13, 2023

By Chris Stabile, Practice Director, Rev Ops


One question I get a lot as a consultant is “what tools do you use internally?” We work with so many partners, and support so many systems, that it’s a hard question to always answer. However, sometimes there are tools that make it a no brainer for us to switch over. One of those tools is #ChiliPiper as a Booking solution.

At Admin Within, we had been using Calendly since I joined the team for scheduling meetings and appointments. It was a simple tool, and it handled our needs as a smaller team pretty easily. Calendly offers a range of features, including the ability to set availability, customize the booking process, and send reminders to attendees. However, after using Calendly for 6 months, and as our needs expanded, we made the decision to switch to Chili Piper. The big reasons?

  • Integration with #Salesforce
  • Easy Hand-off from team member to team member
  • Simple group scheduling
  • Meeting qualification
  • Strong user interface

Integration with Salesforce

As a #RevOps consultancy, Chili Piper’s integration with Salesforce was a huge selling point. The #CRM is a crucial tool in the Rev Ops kit and having a seamless integration between our booking solution and our CRM was a top priority. Chili Piper’s integration allows us to easily track and record meetings and appointments in Salesforce, as well as access important customer information directly within Gmail during the booking process. It also meant any time a customer books using a team link, or even the booking link in my email signature, those meetings just show up right in my Activity Feed in Salesforce. This is a big time saver and reduces the risk of errors, as we no longer need to manually enter data into multiple systems. And it's not just Salesforce. Chili Piper also integrates with Zapier, Google Analytics, and Slack, which has allowed us to easily connect it with our existing workflow and use it alongside our other tools. It’s also nice for our clients, because once Chili Piper has captured their info in our SFDC org, it will not ask them for their name and email when they’re booking the next time around.

Hand-Off Use Case

Another reason we decided to switch to Chili Piper was its hand-off use case, which allows us to easily transfer meetings from one team member to another. This is particularly useful for us as it allows us to ensure that our clients always have the best possible experience, regardless of who they are working with. For example, if a client requests a meeting with a specific team member who is unavailable, we can easily transfer the meeting to another team member who is able to accommodate the client’s schedule. And handing referrals off from the relationship holder directly to our leadership is very simple. This helps us to provide a more personalized and responsive service to our clients.

Group Scheduling and Meeting Qualification

Chili Piper’s easy group scheduling and meeting qualification capabilities were also major attractions for us. The platform makes it simple to schedule meetings with multiple attendees and to qualify leads before scheduling a meeting. This helps us to streamline our processes and ensure that we are only spending time on high-quality leads. For example, we can use Chili Piper’s qualification form to gather important information about a potential client’s needs and budget before scheduling a meeting. This allows us to prioritize our time and resources and focus on the most promising opportunities. We can also hand off group scheduling links to clients, so they can always easily know when they can grab time with their project team.

User Interface and Integration with Gmail

The strong user interface and integration with #Gmail was I think the icing on the cake for us. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, which has made the transition process smooth and seamless for our team. It also doesn’t hurt that the platform offers a range of customization options, allowing us to tailor the booking process to our specific needs. We’ve set custom availability, added custom fields to the forms, and customized the confirmation and reminder emails that are sent to attendees. Even with all that customization, we were able to quickly get up and running and start using it to schedule and manage meetings with our clients. Doing this directly within Gmail has been a major time-saver for us, and the instant booker makes life much easier. We can easily access anyone on the team's calendar and schedule appointments without having to switch between multiple tools.

Chili Piper vs Calendly: The Bottom Line

Overall, we are very happy with our decision to switch to Chili Piper and have seen significant benefits from using the platform. Its integration with Salesforce, hand-off use case, easy group scheduling, meeting qualification capabilities, and strong user interface have all been valuable assets for our organization. Not to mention their excellent customer support. We have found the team to be very responsive and helpful whenever we have had questions or encountered any issues. If you are currently using Calendly or another booking solution and are looking for a more powerful and feature-rich platform, we highly recommend giving Chili Piper a try.