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Operatus's team of experienced professionals provide growing companies with guidance on revenue operations and sales & marketing technology.

From strategy through implementation, we help companies optimize their people, processes and systems to deliver business results.

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Project Consulting

For those looking for help on one-time initiatives, Admin Within is here to make it happen!

Whether you are setting up Salesforce for the first time, or have a specific project to tackle, this option is best when you have a defined project in mind.

Admin Within will complete discovery prior to beginning, and provide a quote and timeline.

Lively needed efficient processes to keep up with growth

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Salesforce was the central platform used by the Sales, CX, Audiology, and Fulfillment teams, but Lively had no internal Revenue Operations or Salesforce Admin/Developer. Some managers were maintaining systems, but it sucked time away from running their teams.


Lively utilizes Operatus's Rev Ops as a Service plan, giving them access to experienced Rev Ops professionals so that they can grow rapidly (Orders per week grew 8x YoY!)

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