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MuleSoft is an excellent middleware solution to connect information across disparate tools. While there are great organizational benefits of consolidating data into a single system, MuleSoft requires expertise to configure and maintain. That’s where Operatus comes in.​

Operatus provides consulting resources to help you define the best strategic approach for your business, combined with the technical skills needed to implement MuleSoft effectively. With us as your strategic partner, you’ll have the insight and capacity to allow your system to scale as your business grows. One of our designated technical experts ensures that the connections between your systems are stable, reliable, and set up for your success, to avoid outages and delays in data updates.

Our approach

Discovery phase

Execution phase

Implementation phase

MuleSoft AnyPoint Configuration

MuleSoft’s AnyPoint Platform is the centralized interface that allows users to setup and manage the connections that exist between all of the software solutions in your tech stack. By leveraging an API connection, MuleSoft can access data from each system according to that tool’s security settings. From the AnyPoint Platform, the data from each of those tools can be passed to any of the other tools within the stack.

Integration Strategies

There is no one-size-fits-all MuleSoft setup: part of what makes MuleSoft so valuable is that it can accommodate a wide range of tools and configurations. Beyond the standard integrations available by default, custom solutions can be built to establish connections between MuleSoft and any system with API access. Custom code can add complications and increase maintenance needs, so leveraging MuleSoft can be valuable to limit customization when integrating systems, even with tools whose connection isn’t a standard, out-of-the-box API.

Business Process Development

Data is one of the most valuable assets for any business. Don’t make your users access data stored in different systems, sending them hunting through multiple tools - often requiring logins - to see the full picture they need to move forward effectively. We’ll make sure to match fields and field types to ensure alignment across your stack. Our experts can help sort through the complexity and create a connection that is reliable, sustainable, and puts all of the data you need in a clean system for your users.

Implementing MuleSoft

While MuleSoft is designed to be user-friendly (and it is indeed much more manageable than relying on custom code), you’ll still want to leave implementation  to the experts. Our team brings years of experience and implementations across a variety of business types and tools. This means that your implementation will be done in as little as 3 months, allowing your business to start benefiting from the system. We’ll also help you avoid common traps and challenges so that your architecture will remain reliable long into the future.

Maintenance & Managed Services

Even with the cleanest initial setup, MuleSoft requires ongoing maintenance as your business changes. It’s important to monitor and stay up to date with new releases and developments to the software, and your business needs will undoubtedly grow and change. We’ll keep the system updated along with that growth, so you’re always supported. Our experts will provide support beyond the initial setup, so you can have peace of mind that your users have what they need.

Avoiding Common Traps

The devil is in the details, so make sure to work with a consultant that understands them, if you want your implementation to scale! Operatus’s team will configure APIs in a flexible way, so that future changes require much less redevelopment. We’ll configure the security to be enterprise grade, so you’re not worried about it being penetrated. And we’ll implement the little things like error logging that make everyone’s life so much easier down the road.

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Operatus transformed Envision Pharma Group's (EPG) commercial operations by establishing advanced lead management processes, creating a multi-vertical sales strategy, and enhancing collaboration between the sales and finance teams at EPG.

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Operatus is a collection of Revenue Operations experts, well-versed in a variety of technologies. Our consultants and architects don’t just know MuleSoft extensively: we’re also experts in the other tools you will be connecting.

We see the connections, automations, and architecture in the context of your entire operating system for growing your company, whether your motion is sales-led or product-led (PLG).

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