Operatus's fractional Rev Ops as a Service helped Bloomfire scale

Key results
  • Created Outbound sales motion​
  • Improved Marketing > SDR > AE handoff process in Salesforce
  • Account segmentation and database cleanup
  • Salesforce classic to lightning migration
As we continued to grow, the lack of Rev Ops on our team was a blocker. With Operatus we were able to tackle several improvement projects that would have been difficult to manage otherwise. For the past 18 months, Operatus has been an extension of our team - and working with them on a fractional basis was just what we needed.
Samantha Schneider
COO at Bloomfire

Project Background

  • Bloomfire’s Sales and Marketing teams were able to execute on several tech improvement projects with the help of Operatus. The Bloomfire team leaned on Operatus’s expertise with Salesforce, Salesloft, and other integrated tools.

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  • Bloomfire’s sales leader was self-managing their sales tools and technology, including Salesforce, Salesloft, Clari, Clearbit, and Chilipiper - but recognized it was sucking up his time and he was out of his depth technically.
  • Bloomfire’s sales team was growing but they hadn’t budgeted for an in-house Sales Ops Manager or Salesforce Admin, and it wasn’t yet a full time need.


  • Bloomfire partnered with Operatus for Rev Ops as a Service, which provided them with a dedicated team of experienced Rev Ops professionals.
  • The Operatus team tackled a diverse set of needs, including systems administration, reporting, process improvements, funnel and source tracking.
    Operatus helped scale Bloomfire’s business by creating processes across the customer journey, involving handoffs between multiple teams (Marketing, SDRs, AEs, Renewals) and several technology platforms.
  • After 1 year+ of working together, the Bloomfire team decided to take Rev Ops responsibilities in-house by hiring a Sales Ops Manager and a Salesforce Admin. The Operatus team completed a smooth handoff to the new hires.

Key projects:

  • Creating an outbound sales motion, which included account segmentation, adding SDRs to the sales process, and optimizing Salesloft cadences.
  • Lead to Account matching, and an Account tiering process.
  • Database cleanup and implementing Cloudingo dedupe tool
  • Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration
  • Technical setup and ongoing management of an outsourced SDR firm, and integrations of tools for chat, ABM
  • An overhaul of lead routing rules and automation within Salesforce, Hubspot, and Chilipiper
  • Optimization of the sales process & opportunity stages within Salesforce