Launching a Modern CRM Platform in Just 2 Months

Key results

Discover how Operatus transformed Envision Pharma Group's (EPG) commercial operations by establishing advanced lead management processes, creating a multi-vertical sales strategy, and enhancing collaboration between the sales and finance teams at EPG.

  • Key Pains: Data Management, Multiple Sales Process, Siloed Data
  • Product Mix: Sales Cloud, Pardot, Salesloft,  Netsuite OpenAir, Netsuite ERP Celigo, SageHR

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Key Industry

Pharma, Biotechnology, ​​Medical Affairs, Scientific communications, Regulatory compliance, Medical communications, Medical publication planning, Real-world evidence (RWE), Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR)


  • EPG experienced rapid expansion, driven by a significant influx of leads and revenue. To manage this growth effectively, there was a pressing need to establish a new horizontal sales team.
  • Existing Salesforce instances had significant variation in processes, rules, and data capture across different sales verticals. 
  • The GBD Team requires a purpose-built Salesforce for commercial use to be developed within a timeframe of 2-3 months.


  • Salesforce Environment Enhancement for GBD: Built an improved Salesforce environment facilitating EPG's strategic shift towards a horizontal commercial selling framework.
  • Systematization of Processes: Establish systematic processes for pipeline management, forecasting, reporting, and reconciliation.
  • Integration Development: Built integrations between Salesforce and Netsuite OpenAir (via Celigo), to meet requirements and ensure seamless financial data flow between Salesforce and Netsuite to establish streamlined revenue recognition.
  • Comprehensive Testing: Conducted thorough testing, including functional, end-to-end, and user acceptance testing, to ensure the robustness and usability.
  • Launch and Adoption Support: Introduced the new processes and structures to business units, providing support to facilitate smooth adoption and transition. This includes training, documentation, and ongoing assistance to ensure users are confident, capable and trained in utilizing the new CRM.