Admin Within Pro Bono Report Q4 2021

February 15, 2021


This is Admin Within’s quarterly Pro-Bono Summary. With the permission of our clients, we will publish a similar report each quarter, so that our network can hold us accountable to our pledge to do our part.

Quick Stats

Active pro-bono accounts: 2

Q3 pro-bono support total: 21.25 hours (-37%)

Teens of Color Abroad

Teens of Color Abroad is a nonprofit organization that provides high school students of color with in-person and virtual global language learning opportunities. Its founder, Lamar Shambley, identified that there is a large racial disparity in which college students study abroad, despite compelling evidence correlating  studying abroad with increased college completion rates for students of color. Not only that, but there was a severe lack of mentorship which encouraged students of color to study abroad. As a former middle-school Math instructor and current high school Spanish teacher from Brooklyn , Lamar was perfectly situated to work within this niche. He launched TOCA in November 2018 and has already scaled the program to impressive heights. You can learn more about the organization on their website.

Admin Within supported TOCA with 9.25 hours of pro-bono support, down from 20 hours in Q3. Our top priorities this quarter were to finalize the 2021 fundraising plan and support TOCA’s annual Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign. This year, TOCA raised over $20,000 on Giving Tuesday, which will go an incredible way toward sustaining their operations for 2021!

Hello Tractor

Hello Tractor is a Kenya- and- Nigeria-based startup striving to stabilize Africa’s food supply chain by connecting local “smallholders” with tractor owners, giving hundreds of millions of farmers on-demand access to tractors via their leasing and tracking technology. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the majority of farms are still tilled by humans using hand tools. Work that could be completed in mere hours with access to a tractor can take weeks by hand. But hiring the necessary labor to work more efficiently can be prohibitively expensive. So without technology there is simply less food being produced. This is a problem with significant economic and social impact, but it is a problem that can be tackled using technology. You can learn more about the company on their website.

In Q4 we supported Hello Tractor with 20 hours of pro-bono support, up from 14 hours in Q3. We focused on building effective dashboards to measure sales performance and attended weekly sales meetings to lend our professional expertise as Hello Tractor continues to scale. We’re looking forward to supporting all of their growth in 2021.

In line with our pledge, we’re looking forward to the challenge of continually increasing our service output and supporting causes which we feel will make both the tech industry and the world at large more equitable places. Please reach out to with any inquiries, feedback, or questions, and look out for our Q1 update in April.